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Local Recreation

Local Recreation

Decatur-Morgan County has plenty of opportunities for sports enthusiasts. Facilities around the area cater to a variety of sports including cycling, soccer, softball, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, fishing, tennis, and cross country. Decatur-Morgan County even has hot air ballooning. The county hosts numerous tournaments throughout the year including National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Softball tournaments, Amateur Softball Association tournaments, and the Youth Alabama Basketball of America Championships.

Jesse Owens Cross Country Classic

Held annually in October, the Jesse Owens Cross Country Classic brings together nearly 3000 junior high and high school students from around the country to compete in a grueling cross country race.

Fútbol Internaciónal

Decatur’s Jack Allen Recreational Complex is the location for one of the largest women’s soccer events, the Fútbol Internactiónal. Each year, Decatur hosts one of the competition’s many matches, which feature national women’s teams from Argentina, Canada, China and more.

USA Criterium Southeast Series

The annual USA Criterium Southeast Series has been described as “NASCAR on two wheels.” The Decatur stop of the series, held in May, features the top female and male professional cyclists in the world, as well as events for amateur cyclists. This event is free and open to the public.