Why Decatur?

The entire staff of Decatur Morgan County Tourism takes pride in creating events that capture the flavor of our area. Working with our partner agencies, attractions, hotels, and restaurants, we pay careful attention to detail in the planning and execution of all that we undertake.

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Why Decatur?


Decatur is served by Huntsville International Airport, located on I-565, just 15 minutes from the city. The airport is known for its convenience and its friendly service. The Huntsville International Airport was recently named the number one small airport in the United States as part of USA Today’s Choice Travel Awards. Huntsville was the only airport in Alabama to secure a spot in the top 20.


Enjoy Incredible venues, accommodations, and dining on a budget that’s as friendly as the service you’ll receive every step of the way.

Fit for Foodies

If there’s one thing we know in the South, it’s the importance of a good meal. You will not want to miss the world-renowned Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ.

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Come early, stay late, and bring the family. Decatur is home to several world-class attractions such as The Carnegie Visual Arts Center, Cook Museum of Natural Science, The Railroad Depot, and The Old State Bank.

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Hospitality Partners

Let us welcome you to our family with open arms. Not only do you have the Experience of the Decatur Morgan County Tourism team to help you find the right venue and hotel for your event, but our close relationships with our hospitality partners make it easy for all of us to plan and communicate together.

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Night Life

With more things to do than there are hours to do them, your attendees will have no problem filling their schedules beyond the main event. Check out our downtown district, with its personality, have a lively evening of dinner, drinks, outdoor seating, and live music.

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Weather / Outdoors

Year-round outdoor activities are plentiful. Get some fresh air at Wheeler Wildlife Refuge, take one of our amazing tours or trails, and visit our beautiful rose garden at Delano Park. 

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