Park and Recreation Appreciation MonthJuly 07, 2021

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Every city has a history made up of thousands of stories that help to define it. In Decatur, our Parks and Recreation Department plays a huge role in writing our story. Decatur Parks and Recreation provides opportunities for residents and visitors in our communities to create their own stories, as well. Parks are at the center of so many experiences and memories — moments that park and recreation professionals help make happen. Our local parks are often our first experiences in nature, our introduction to a favorite hobby or physical activity. They are places to gather with friends and family, spaces to celebrate life’s special moments, spots of respite and healing, sites that connect us with essential community services, and so much more. Local parks have been essential throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, with many of our community members finding a new appreciation for the essential spaces they manage and vital programs they provide.

This year for Park and Recreation Month, we would like to highlight Decatur Parks and Recreation for all they continue to do to make Decatur such a wonderful place to live and visit. From setting up events in the mud to dressing up in mascot costumes, our Parks and Recreation Department continues to go above and beyond and our jobs wouldn’t be possible without them.