The Beauty Around UsSeptember 09, 2020

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I was leaving a photoshoot this morning when in the distance I saw a stack of cross ties (the timbers used on train tracks). You can see that from a distance they could have been completely “unseen”. But I started training by brain a few months ago to be on alert for just this type of architectural moments in my area. I drove up the alley and was able to start seeing the vastness of the timbers and the uniqueness of each timber! Getting out of my car I had to decided at which angle I wanted to shoot, full sun, or shaded or with partial shadows. Landscape and capture the grandness of just how many where in the pile or upclose and show the details of just one….


I think this is the general issue we all seem to face these days. We notice things because for whatever reason or Devine being draws us there, then we have to decide… do we go in close and help/examine/promote the ONE. Or do we stand further back and help/examine/promote the whole. Somehow we have maybe forgotten that BOTH ways are the right way! See, when we are doing for others, there is no wrong way. Both are needed and both are beautiful and both are good! What I hope above all is that we train our brains to see past ourselves. Train ourselves to take an extra second and squint through the windshield and ask ourselves “what is that? Who is that? Can I make a difference?” They move in closer, decide for yourself what is the best way for you to make an impact, and then take the shot! Its really simple actually…. just think in the morning before you start your day, ‘what will I see today’ and you will set your mind into motion to look! You may see a homeless man out walking a decide today is an upclose day and roll down your window and ask him if you can buy him breakfest as you hand him some cash. You may drive past that new retail store that you bought from last week and decide a FB post about how lovely it was would certainly help get them off the ground. You may hear of a sorority doing a fundraiser for a childrens home and give to that…. that giving may draw you in closer and lead you to a path of foster/adoption. There are a millions ways to see beauty and to be beauty in your community. And it all starts with the decision to look for beauty!

About the Ambassador

Glenn Mitchell is a native of Los Angeles California, but has call North Alabama her home for the past 30 years. She has owned several small businesses in the area including her current salon and photography studio in downtown Decatur. She is the founder and curator of THE CHASING ART PROJECT, a street art project launched in Decatur. Glenn has been on 2 different reality series for major networks as well as being a contributor to local magazines here and across the country. She loves to travel and photograph this world with her 2 daughters Lily and Zoe and come back home to her Great Dane “Coach” and Sphynx “Gucci”.