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Get lost in Decatur’s dynamic geography. Whether you want to kayak, hike, or fish, our Scenic River Trail will satisfy. Bring the boat for riding and fishing on the Tennessee River. Or take the kids to the Adventure Park for a full day of family fun.


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Around Morgan County

Decatur Farmers’ Market

Open from April through November, the Decatur Farmers’ Market showcases the best fresh produce from regional farmers.

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Historic District Shopping

On a beautiful day, there’s nothing quite like perusing the shops of Decatur’s historic downtown district along Bank Street and 2nd Avenue.

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Historic Homes

The Old Decatur Historic District and New Decatur Albany Historic District are full of living history to behold.

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Historic Railroad Depot

A symbol of the city’s rich railroad heritage, which extends back to the 1830s. Due to COVID-19, the Depot is temporarily closed to the public.

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Armchair MoCo

We partnered with our friends at Red Sage to create Armchair MoCo: a great way to explore Morgan County, Alabama, while maintaining safe social distance!

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Downtown Scavenger Hunt

Test your knowledge with the Downtown Decatur Scavenger Hunt!

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Local Recreation

Decatur-Morgan County has plenty of opportunities for sports enthusiasts. Facilities around the area cater to a variety of sports including cycling, soccer, softball, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, fishing, tennis, and cross country. Decatur-Morgan County even has hot air ballooning.

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MoCo Digital Passes

The Unknown Passport

In Decatur, Morgan County and the surrounding areas, we’re comfortable living with the unknown. They say Big Foot walks among us, so maybe that’s why we’re not scared of a ghostly good time. Thinking of taking a day-trip (or a night-trip) somewhere close by? We’ll show you our favorite haunts.Just make sure you check-in when you get there. Otherwise, how will we know if you go missing?

MoCo Mural Trail

Take a free mural tour of Morgan County Alabama! Unique and vibrant murals are popping up all throughout MoCo! You can mix and match any of the locations on the MoCo Mural Trail to best fit your location and itinerary! Did we mention it’s FREE?

Step Out Agriventure Trail

Craving sunshine and fresh air? Love the taste of juicy, ripe fruit? Or are you just looking for a cool spot to visit? Look no further! Welcome to the Step Out Agriventure Trail! The trail is a year-round shopping and outdoor fun experience for all ages. It is a collection of businesses across Morgan County, Alabama, that has come together to promote local agriculture and their fellow local businessmen. Enjoy shopping for locally grown produce, from local food vendors (we even have ketogenic, sugar-free, and gluten-free options!), and enjoy making memories in a range of fun, outdoor activities—birdwatching, canoeing, zip-lining, and much, much more!

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Morgan County is all about the Great Outdoors. From birding to walking trails, we’ve got you covered.

This page was made possible in part by the Muscle Shoals National Heritage Area.

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From the antique and specialty boutiques along the Historic Shopping Districts in Decatur and Hartselle, to the major department stores located in Decatur Mall, Decatur-Morgan County has a broad spectrum of shopping choices.

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There are many ways to unwind in Decatur-Morgan County. Try a new hairstyle or relax under the calming effects of a deep-tissue massage at one of the area’s various day spa locations.

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Sports are a big deal to Decatur and Morgan County. Each year, Morgan County hosts regional, national, and even international sports tournaments and events, including soccer, softball, baseball, fishing, tennis, and much more.

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Looking for something fun and to do? We’ve compiled a list of the different trails across Morgan County! Whether you’re looking for delicious food, art, or time spent in the great outdoors, we’ve got the perfect adventure for you!

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