There’s abundant wilderness to explore in the Decatur area. Whether you’re looking for a full day of hiking or just a nice walk to clear your head, you’ll find plenty of scenic trails nearby.

A Walking Tour of Historic Decatur

The Old Decatur and New Albany Historic Districts, located near downtown off the southern bank of the Tennessee River, boasts the largest concentration of Victorian-era cottages and bungalows in Alabama.

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Amen Trail

The Amen Trail is located in Decatur and throughout Morgan County. Many of the churches are at least 100 years old, on its original site, and still hold services today.

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Civil War Walking Tour

The Civil War Walking Tour is located in the Old Decatur and New Albany Historic Districts, just off the southern bank of the Tennessee River near downtown Decatur.

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Downtown Turtle Trail

Take the Downtown Turtle Trail and find the 10 bronze turtles located along Decatur‘s historic 2nd Avenue. Learn about the significant places and events that helped make Downtown Decatur what it is today along the way!

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Scottsboro Boys Trial

The Scottsboro Boys trials of the 1930’s, most of which took place in Decatur, Alabama, rank among the most significant cases in American legal history.

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Tommy Lee Hines Trial

Tommy Lee Hines, a 25 year old black man with an IQ of 35 and the mental capacity of a six year old was arrested for loitering. Within minutes, he was accused of raping three white women and robbing one of them. The Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), a Civil Rights organization sent representatives to Decatur, Alabama.

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Trail of Tears Walking Tour

The Trail of Tears Walking Tour Brochure takes visitors on a walking tour of the forced removal of Native American tribes from tribal lands as they passed through Decatur, Alabama.

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Wheeler National Wildlife Nature Trails

There are five established nature trails available for use at Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge. They wind along the water, crops, fields, and woodlands

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Around Morgan County

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