The Amen Trail is located in Decatur and throughout Morgan County. Many of the churches are at least 100 years old, on its original site, and still hold services today. This self-guided tour recognizes churches that define the heart of Decatur and Morgan County’s rich and diverse cultural and spiritual heritage.

Houses of worship cause us to pause, to reflect, and to witness the most important events in our lives: birth, marriage, and death. Each of these churches has a story to tell. One can never know a church too well, for each time one visits, one discovers new things.

Two of the 19 churches listed on the Amen Trail are also a part of North Alabama’s Hallelujah Trail, which was published in The National Geographic’s Driving Tours of Appalachia.

The Amen Trail begins at St. John’s Episcopal Church (202 Gordon Dr. SE) and ends at Lacey’s Springs United Methodist Church (1036 Hwy. 36, Lacey Springs).

You can also pick up free walking/driving tour brochures at Decatur Morgan County Tourism. (719 6th Avenue SE).

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