Take a free mural tour of Morgan County Alabama! Unique and vibrant murals are popping up all throughout MoCo! You can mix and match any of the locations on the MoCo Mural Trail to best fit your location and itinerary! Did we mention it’s FREE?



The Greatest Catch

This mural is located at 903 6th Avenue NE in Decatur, Alabama.Wheeler lake is a year-round favorite for both tournament pros and local anglers, and visitors soon find out why. There are plenty of public access points and marinas dotting the shores. Its diverse waterscape features include a wide-open reservoir, creek channels and rock bluffs, and the “Decatur flats,” each offering habitat to a variety of fish species and excitement to a multitude of fishermen. This mural was done by the late, great Jason Sharp. 

Heron Today, Gone Tomorrow

Heron Today, Gone Tomorrow is located at 903 6th Avenue NE in Decatur, Alabama. Many species of herons are found in Alabama and are usually seen in ponds or creeks. One of the most common herons in the Southeast is the great blue heron, a medium-sized wading bird with long legs, a sharp-pointed bill, and a long neck. The heron symbolizes stillness and tranquility, and how these two things are needed to recognize opportunities. It also signifies determination, because there will be plenty of marshes and ponds that you will wade through in life as well. This mural was done by Chandler Hayes.

Heavenly Muse-ic

The unique mural is located at 726 Bank Street NE in Decatur, Alabama. This mural, in particular, has been a local favorite for many years. This mural was done by Tracey Lane Sykes.

A Stitch in Time

The community mural is mounted at 624 Bank Street N.E. Decatur, AL 35601 on the Morgan County Archives Building in downtown Decatur. In 2015, Markus Tracy completed a 24’ x 8’ community mural during his one-month residency in Decatur, Alabama. The design/concept of the community mural was based on a block quilt highlighting historical, cultural, and social interpretations of the state of Alabama as well as the city of Decatur. Art teacher, Beth Allison Young worked closely with Tracy in helping to organize a partnership with three elementary schools, Alabama Center for the Performing Arts, and the community of Decatur. 

“And it Wasn’t All Yellow”

Looking for the perfect Instagram spot? Look no further! Did you know that blue and yellow are complementary colors? Complementary colors are especially pleasing to the eye because different types of photoreceptor cells, which contribute to color vision, perceive different types of light in the color spectrum. Who knew!? This mural was done by Chandler Hayes.

Bee Kind Decatur

Bee Kind Decatur is located at the corner of Oak and Lee Street 207 Oak Street N.E. in Decatur, Alabama. With everything going on in the world, we could all use a little more kindness. We have Jason Sharp to thank for this beautiful reminder. Jason passed away in 2019. He was a wonderful, beloved local artist whose work was an inspiration to many and he was known for his personal renditions of children, beloved pets, and iconic figures. Jason had a heart for people with mental disabilities shown in his teaching an art course for the Mental Health Center and regularly volunteering for events for those with special needs. He never met a stranger and will be remembered for his hilarious wit, friendly attitude and for ending every encounter with his catchphrase “love love”.

Bee United Decatur

Bee United Decatur is also located on the corner of Oak and Lee Street 207 Oak Street Northeast in Decatur, Alabama. This mural was created by Glenn Mitchell. Glenn has traveled the globe following world-renowned street artists and learning about the process behind creating public art. The Chasing Art Project wouldn’t be possible without her leadership and vision. The purpose of the Chasing Art Project is to unite the city with beautifully inspiring and culturally relevant public art displays.


The students at Decatur High School are naturally talented! The third (and newest) Mural of the Chasing Art Project adds a little bit of nature to downtown Decatur! You can find this mural at the corner of 4th and Moulton Street.


Homecoming is located at 208 2nd Avenue SE in Decatur, Alabama. The artist, Adam Stephenson, is originally from Decatur, Alabama. The mural on 2nd Avenue is titled “Homecoming” and features a beautiful portrait of Adam’s sister, Lara Lee, who passed away unexpectedly 13 years ago. The mural took over two weeks; sometimes working 12-14 hours per day to complete. The mural was made possible through a grant sponsored by Senator Arthur Orr and partnership with the Alabama Center for the Arts. 

What Lifts You

You can find the wings at 219 Second Avenue SE, Decatur. Decatur has the very FIRST set of Kelsey Montague wings in the state of Alabama! These incredible wings are the second mural of the Chasing Art Project.

The Brick is Soda-Licious!

If you’re looking for a snack break while on the MoCo Mural Trail our friends at The Brick never dissapoint! While you’re there, mark another unique mural off your list! You’ll be sure to think The Brick is soda-licious too! The Brick is located at 112 Moulton St E, Decatur.

Jimmy “Yellow Horse” Webster

This fantastic work of art is located at 113 6th Avenue NE at Webster’s Karate of Decatur, AL. This is the first official mural of the Chasing Art Project. It was painted by Michael McPheeters and honors Jimmy “Yellowhorse” Webster. Webster, who recently passed, was a prominent Native American activist in the city of Decatur. Jimmy Yellowhorse Webster was a Cherokee by blood and was very active in his Cherokee culture and the Native American Community throughout the country.

Jimmy Webster began training in martial arts in 1967 for therapy after a motorcycle accident and received his black belt in 1973. He then opened Decatur’s very first brick and mortar dojo.The multiple colors represent ALL the Native American nations living in this area.

The Breakfast Cluck

This mural can be found at 1051 Grant Street SE Decatur, Al.  This mural was done by the late, great Jason Sharp.

Peace, Love & Antiques

This mural is located at 201 Sparkman St NW Hartselle, Al 35640. This fun and funky mural can be found at El Marie’s Antiques and Art Marketplace. El-Marie’s is a unique, one-of-a-kind antique and art marketplace in Hartselle, Alabama. Located one block northwest of the historical district, this eclectic marketplace will be your one stop shop for all things vintage!

“Strickly” Business

Take a walk through the past as you stroll through historic, downtown Hartselle!  Thomas “Buck” Strickland was the Pharmacist and Owner of Strickland Drugs in Hartselle for a number of years. Although, the pharmacy is no longer in business the building still holds a special place in local’s hearts from days gone by. “Stickly” Business is located on the corner of Main St. and Sparkman St. in downtown Hartselle, AL.