When you pull up to the Dutch Oven Bakery, you might think they are just another “mom and pop” grocery store. But, as soon as you walk through the doors and see the variety of goods they offer and experience their pleasant greeting and service, you are sure to be impressed.

Their commitment to quality products and services is evident in their freshly baked goods, ready-to-eat hand-made sandwiches, and diverse grocery selection. As a fixture in the community, the Dutch Oven Bakery built its reputation on humble service, strong morals, and equally strong work ethics.

Dutch Oven Bakery is the ideal stop for lunch. Their mouth-watering sandwiches and wide deli selection will surely prompt the casual guest to start planning the next trip. In addition, the fudge, cookies, and other delectable sweets will certainly bring a smile to the most finicky tastes. Their homemade goods include a wide range of pies including chocolate fudge, pumpkin, and coconut cream! These pies are made from scratch and have “made with love” written all over them!

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