The Fagermans are a local Somerville family who is making a name for themselves as growers of premium sheep and lamb products. The Fagermans are the first sheep farm in the United States to raise the premium sheep to breed Australian Whites. The wide range of cuts the Fagermans sell is marbled like Wagyu beef and have a rich, bold flavor that simply melts in your mouth. The Fagermans also do a bit of local dabbling in horticulture. Around the middle of summer, the Fagermans open their backyards as a pick-your-own blueberry field. The field’s unassuming and relaxed rural atmosphere is inviting and will make you feel right at home. If you glean your berries from the wholesome bushes of local growers like the Fagermans, you are sure to find plump ripe berries ready to enjoy. Pair your handpicked berries with the Fagermans’delectable lamb cuts and you will have an evening to remember.

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