Fathead Fanny is one of the smaller spots on this trail, but the services and goods they offer really standout. Fathead Fanny is a gluten-free, sugar-free, ketogenic, and diabetic-friendly bakery and coffee shop. This cozy shop offers a wide range of delicious biscuits, rolls, desserts, and coffee blends that you can consume with a guiltless conscience. Their bread is springy, moist, and flavorful, and will satisfy any bread lover looking for a healthier alternative. Their secret to making these yummy and healthy treats is substituting regular flour and sugar with almond or coconut flour and natural sweeteners. Everything they sell is made in-store, and they even use locally sourced ingredients where they can. Their kitchen setup even allows them to offer cold and warm brew coffees that they roast, grind, and blend themselves. Dieters and non-dieters of all creeds are welcome to stop by and give them a sip!

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